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Future Education Academy, in partnership with English Premier League giants Leeds United Football College, brings you a selection of prestigious qualifications delivered by worldrenowned tutors. Our mission is simple: Learn, Understand, Practice.

Our courses are focused primarily on Sport, Sport Science, Business and Finance. However, we also offer opportunities to participate in other unique courses in areas such as Aviation and Digital Marketing. Why choose Future Education? In addition to our team of world-renowned experts in their fields, we have partnered with world class educational institutes and have an exceptional record behind us. Future Education prides itself on delivering inclusive education and providing meaningful, engaging and exciting learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our students, educating students together in an inclusive online setting. We provide cutting edge technology, tools and support that assists students' learning and taking into account their preferred learning style and unique characteristics and abilities.

We develop and deliver academic courses from Diploma to Doctorate Levels. We can design a course that runs from 8 weeks to 5 years. Our courses are innovative and emphasise the practical nature of education as well as the academic. We can either deliver your degree, or help you design and run your own. By ensuring online curricula for diverse learners, we will aim to focus on clear explicit strategies and provide a range of examples for online learners such as scaffolding, accommodations and modifications for online technology and teaching methods. These elements will allow for leaners to be given an online platform that allows for assistive technology like speech to text software and translation software. Future Education wants to ensure that these inclusive online practices can also provide assessments for an array of skill levels and diverse learners to allow for clear, methods for online instruction to all learners.



Take any one of our diplomas and make it count towards your Master's Degree in Medical Sports Science. Our team of professors and senior practitioners come from a wide range of backgrounds to provide world class support and guidance .

How does it work

Complete 8 of our diplomas and you qualify for an MMSS degree.

Choices of Modules

The choices of modules available to you will depend on demand for those modules. If the specific module you want is not immediately available you may have to select another.

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